UI Improvements For Boxee Box Incoming

While the interface wasn’t on our list of no-nos in our Boxee Box review, there’s always room for improvement. Boxee has announced in their forums that they’ll be updating the box’s firmware with a few changes that should make it smoother overall.

Here’s what’s going down:

  • An initial setup screen that lets you choose whether Boxee should focus on local content or stuff pulled from the web, addressing a common complaint amongst the geekier crowds that the Boxee Box UI put too much emphasis on web content.
  • More sort and filter options in the browse screens
  • Alphabetical navigation (skip to letters)
  • Mark watched/unwatched, browse only one or the other
  • Hourly and manual scan options

Sounds like a substantial update. Hopefully Boxee will continue to support the software and add features like these.