Five Days of Festivus Contest: Win $500 To Spend On Presents

Our friends at Wishpond are offering $500 to the winner of this week’s super contest that you can win just by surfing the Internet. That’s right! Five hundred clams just for doing what you do every day anyway.

First, the Wishpond spiel:

Wishpond is a platform that powers a local product search engine and iPhone app.

As a consumer you can find what you want at both big-box retailers and small boutique stores in your neighborhood (Wishpond is in more than 100,000 locations in North America). If you can’t find it, you can just “wish” for it. Like Priceline for travel, Wishpond brings you the power to negotiate—make a “wish” to your local merchants and let them make you a deal. Also, consumers can get green and support their local communities and merchants this season. Local shopping makes a big difference to the air we breath and the communities in which we live.

Now, for the real meat of the deal. For the next five days we’re celebrating the five official parts of Festivus. You must participate each day to win, so no slacking off.

The days will include:

Day 1 – Festivus pole
Day 2 – Airing of Grievances
Day 3 – Festivus dinner
Day 4 – Feats of Strength
Day 5 – Festivus miracles

Each day, from today until wednesday, we’ll ask you to perform one activity. It could be a secret word hunt or it could be a commenting request. Your mission is to perform each one in order. Today’s mission is to answer this question in an email to contest @ crunchgear dot com with the subject like “Festivus #1:” What is the best thing to use when cutting a thread into an aluminum pole and why is this particular substance necessary. (Don’t spoil things by putting the answer in comments. It’s a pretty easy Google search.)

Remember to check back for the next five days for the rest of the Festivus Feats of Strength!

We will pick one person who has completed all of the requests correctly and with great vigor. Special thanks to Wishpond for helping make Festivus for the rest of us.

UPDATE – Our winner is Jason G.