C-Loop Camera Mod Gets Kickstarted

A few weeks ago, we pointed out this interesting little camera mod, the C-Loop, on Kickstarter. It’s a replacement for a regular-style camera strap that allows for free rotation of the camera, and may be more convenient for some shooters. I wouldn’t use it personally, but it’s a cool idea and a well-made little thing, so I’m all for it being on the market. And now it will be!

They’ve raised an insane amount of money — $15k was their goal for production, and as of this writing they are up to $48,313. That’s over three times what they were looking for! And people are still pledging.

So congratulations to the C-Loop guys (they gave us and the community a shout-out; you’re very welcome, all). Hopefully we’ll get to review a unit from the first run. They’ll cost $35 including shipping, or with a little extra for international.