Open Thread: The Walking Dead Season 1

Minor Spoilers. The first season — if you can call six episodes a season — of The Walking Dead wrapped up last night in a slightly predictable manner. John and I have been watching the show and both feel “meh” kind of sums up it so far. Needs more zombies in my opinion, but I guess that story arc could only take the show so far. John feels like it’s going the way of Lost — or something like that. Not having read the comic books or novels, all I have is the TV show to go after, but so far the story seems a bit flat. Now, it’s without a doubt one of the best shows on basic cable and I’ll watch the show until it’s canceled, but it feels like it could be so much better. I just hope that the new writing staff can give the show a different feel. Thoughts?

Let’s keep the spoilers down to a minimum, m’kay?