Sorry Security On Car Key Fobs Means Your Ride May Be At Risk

We all know keychain fobs are far from the most sophisticated devices in the world, but there’s a chance that their merely elementary security measures may put your car at risk. While it’s far from a widespread problem, it seems to be an issue most companies are willing to ignore.

A security expert has demonstrated that at least one popular immobilizer tool (which prevents your car from starting if you’re not nearby with the key) could be bypassed in just six hours. Not just one car, you understand, the entire system. Any car using it can now be safely driven away, assuming you can start the engine, of course.

The issue is that the encryption key on the wireless is of a relatively low order, and it’s possible to snag a few packets and work out the key using automated cryptographic techniques. Who knows what measure will be taken, if any, but in the meantime, let’s hope the carjackers don’t wise up.

[via Reddit]