White iPhone Coming Spring 2011

Huzzah and alarums! Apple’s in-store signage is pointing to a Spring 2011 arrival of the legendary white iPhone, a device fraught with so much mystery that it is now akin to the dangerous yet loyal pink unicorn of ancient myth.

As you recall, production problems plagued white iPhone manufacturing (mostly because the button, back, and front weren’t the same color) but Apple’s team of scientists have cracked the riddle and are now setting their sights on less important breakthroughs like curing those weird white things that end up in your mouth sometimes and taste horrible when you bite them and, additionally, creating a new form of Trucoat that isn’t too expensive and can be applied by the consumer at home.

Note that there is no mention of the Verizon iPhone, if that’s what you were after with this.

via 9to5mac