Win Stuff, Make Friends With Steam's Great Treasure Hunt


In walks Steam, trying to build an actual community around its handy little platform. It’s called the Great Steam Treasure Hunt, and it’ll have players doing all sorts of fun, community-type things, like earning achievements and jointing groups! Wheeeeee!

The deal is that between today and December 20 you’ll be able to win the top five games on your Steam wish list by participating in Steam community activities. For example, if you earn the Desert Fox achievement in the game R.U.S.E. you’ll have qualified for the drawing. If you create an avatar on your little profile you’ll have qualified. If you gain at least 1,124,400 points (easy mode) in the Chime level Paul Hartnoll you’ll have qualified.

There’s 20 winners per 48-hour content.

Or, far easier, you could just read the actual Web site that has all the details you could ever want.

So, the potential to win free stuff, and you’ll become part of the greater Steam community. Nothing wrong with that.