Aliph Announces Their First iPhone App: Jawbone Thoughts

We’re live at All Thing D’s Dive Into Digital conference, where Aliph (the folks behind the high-end Jawbone series of Bluetooth headsets and the Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker) have just announced their first venture into a new space: iPhone apps.

Their first app, Jawbone Thoughts, looks to be a sort of audio-based messaging platform. Rather than sending text messages, you can send brief audio recordings, either to an individual or a group. Tap a button, record your “Thought”, and pick the recipient(s); if the person on the other end has the Thoughts app, it’ll show up there — if not, it’ll show up as an e-mail. From there, the recipients can respond, and it’ll all get pulled into one nice, clean thread.

Not in an environment where listening to audio messages would be kosher, but still want to browse incoming Thoughts? Don’t sweat it: it’ll auto-transcribe the messages for you. They’re definitely not the first ones to take on audio-based instant messaging — but they’d be the first to really succeed, if they managed to pull in a userbase. Think they will? Let us know down in the comments.

The app will be free once it goes live in the App Store shortly. Until then, check out Aliph’s video promo for Thoughts below: