Review: Trident Cyclops iPhone Case

If you’re anything like me, you love off-road ATV riding in the nude. Most of the time I’ve been safe and sound on my high perch above those four grinding wheels but sometimes I slide off into a rough patch and my dermis – which by now is a patchwork of scars and partially healed lacerations – faces some rough treatment. But not so my iPhone for it is kept inside a Trident Cyclops iPhone case, a rugged case that will keep your phone pristine for years, if not decades.

This thing is basically a $25 hard case but it’s surprisingly usable with one caveat. It clicks shut like a clamshell over both sides of the case and the screen, cameras, and rear Apple logo are visible through a sheet of thin, capitative plastic. Once this thing is on it’s almost impossible to get off, which is good and bad. There is also a rubber ring that surrounds the edges of the case.

I used the Cyclops for a few weeks before I decided to pop it off. Why? Well, the aforementioned rubber ring had a tendency to fall off and the headphone jack is deeply recessed. Granted Trident includes a little adapter, but I kept forgetting to bring it with me so I had to remove the iPhone from its case to listen to anything, thereby reducing the protective properties of the case.

Basically, if you can live with those two problems and drop your phone a lot, this is case for you. I would honestly recommend this to parents who want to ensure that their investments are safe even with butter-fingered kids. Otherwise, the headphone jack may be a dealbreaker for folks who use their iPhones a bit more carefully.

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