Technicolor Wants To Oversee And OK 3D Productions

While 3D hasn’t really caught on yet, for a number of reasons, you can be sure the industry is still just roiling with interested parties. The latest is Technicolor, proprietor of many a movie-making technology. They want to make sure 3D looks as good as it should. I say go for it!

The idea is that they’d provide a service in which they’d look over your product, your production methods, and so on, and determine where you can improve the workflow. There are lots of little things in a 3D movie that can add to eye strain or just plain look bad, and I’ve seen plenty of examples that tell me there are plenty of producers and directors out there who can’t tell or don’t care.

A quality assurance program like this one could be handy for big production houses that don’t want to hire individual consultants, and perhaps already have an account open with Technicolor. They could hire me, but I have a tendency to make my criticisms available at no charge, albeit after the movie has come out.

The service, which would include personal and software analysis, training, and a “15-point quality checklist,” will be available in LA and London, hopefully soon, because I’ve seen some ugly 3D work out there. Come on, guys.