Wikileaks' Julian Assange Arrested

Well, there you have it: Julian Assange has been arrested in the UK. You knew this was coming, but it still speaks to the nature of our wonderful little system we have here that a man who had become the public face of an organization that passed along information that probably should never have been kept away from the citizens that information purports to serve was branded as some sort of chaotic evil malcontent hell-bent on, what, exactly? Causing destruction by exposing the truth? A nice lesson for the children out there: if you tell the truth, you will get nailed.

Assange was arrested in the UK overnight, and he now faces extradition to Sweden stemming from a alleged sex crimes incident.

But if I were Assange, I’d be far more concerned with what the US has in store for him, with Attorney General Eric Holder having authorized a “number of things to be done” to combat Wikileaks. How vague and scary!

Not that that matters, given that Wikileaks has already shown the world that it’s really not all the difficult to hold public officials accountable for their actions.

Oh, wait, I forgot: transparency in representative government is a bad thing.

My mistake, I was under the impression that “representative” wasn’t just a nice-sounding label used whenever convenient.

Well met, traveller. From Parts Unknown, Nicholas Deleon is simultaneously shocked and not-at-all-surprised at this recent turn of events. Perhaps the warm embrace of Twitter will make him feel better. Meh, it probably won’t this time.