iPad Clone Of The Day: The 8" MID From Morlab

While trolling the vastnesses of the FCC, we ran across a random iPad clone and thought hey, why not share it with the world? This one is apparently nameless, identified only as the 8″ MID on the user manual. And it appears to run Android 1.5 with an iPad skin! How wonderful!

No, this thing won’t ever show anywhere you’ll see it, but it’ll probably be available via various import outlets, and needed to take a trip to the FCC to make sure it won’t be bathing you with X-rays.

While the insides are garbage (600MHz professor, 128MB RAM, resistive screen), I kind of like the little buttons there on the top. Tablets like the Playbook and Motorola thing are going buttonless, though. C’mon, I like buttons!

Hey, and at least it’s got a MicroSD slot, unlike some devices I could mention.