LeWeb Startups: Phonedeck puts your mobile on your desktop

The holy grail of real social graph is the phone, they say. Phonedeck is a call management application which attempts to connect the mobile phone with the computer. When you get a call the app shows who is calling and offers various options to react, like send to voicemail. You can also make calls form the computer. If you want to call someone you can browse the phone book conveniently on your computer and start the call with one click.

So you install the app on your desktop. During the installation process the mobile app is pushed over to your mobile via Bluetooth – doesn’t look like an iPhone app right now. On call the application displays information that is automatically connected from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. After each call they notify you in case you are not yet connected with the caller in these networks. If the caller isn’t in your contacts, the instant reverse look up tells you who’s calling. It’s also fully integrated with Skype.