Battlefield Vietnam's Flamethrower Is ‘Devestating’ In Confined Spaces

One of the last “big” releases of the year is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, a multi-player expansion pack that’ll be available on December 21 (or three days earlier if you pre-order on Steam). It’s safe to say Matt and I are looking forward to it (I’d be looking forward to it even more if I could fix that weird crash-to-desktop bug I keep running into with my Radeon.) In any event, Pocket-lint has the hands-on. There’s just a tinge of jealousy here, but I’ll persevere.

Four of the new maps aren’t overly big, it’s said, but “there is plenty to play for.” Echoes of Battlefield 1943 abound.

There’s also a flamethrower this time around, which is “devastating in confined spaces.”

It’s the same game types as before: rush, conquest, and so on.

So, yeah. My guess is that it’ll be worth the $15 EA wants.