Contest: J-List Wants You To Have A Happy J-Christmas

Our buddy Peter at J-List doesn’t have a lot of Yule Logs or mistletoe in Tokyo but he does have some Japanese goodies for you and yours. He’s offering one of the following prizes to one lucky commenter which, in theory, could reduce your overall shopping list by a few percent. Below you’ll five five items. Check them out and report back to me.

First up:
Itazura Cat Coin Bank
A little cat who steals money you put on the box. It’s cute, and a huge hit this Christmas.

iTunes Japan Prepaid Card 3000 yen
This is a prepaid card which can be used to set up a Japan iTunes account and buy Japanese music, including JPOP, anime and even enka songs (basically the country music of Japan, though they argue with Korea over who really invented the genre), and apps of course. There are quite a few good ports of dating-sim games on the Japan side. We sell dozens of these per week since there are so many people frustrated with meaningless lines about what music can or can’t be distributed in what country.

J-List Gift Certificate for $25

Giga Pudding T-shirt

One 2011 calendar up to $28 in value
We sell a ton of anime, Japanese idol, and just plain weird calendars printed for the Japan market but which are popular around the world. We’ll send any calendar up to $28 in value (that covers most of the popular anime ones like Evangelion, Totoro and what not). If they want one that’s more they can pay the difference.

Now, pick one item and mention it in comments below. I’ll pick one winner for each item at random. Want multiple items? All five? Feel free to comment again but comment only once per item. It’ll pick a winner tomorrow at noon Eastern. メリークリスマス.

UPDATE – The winners are:

David Garcia – Cat Coin Bank
imhn – Calendar
Chris Thompson – Gift Card
Kira – Gigapudding Tee
Mika Pisika – iTunes Card