Verizon DROID X Gets An Update Complete With Complimentary Crapware

Just a few evenings ago, Motorola pushed out a software update (read: not Gingerbread) to around 10,000 Verizon Droid X handsets — or, at least, they tried to. You see, they sent out the update under the shadows of the night in hopes that it’d keep their servers from getting hammered quite so hard once word of the update got out. The only problem? As part of a built-in, late-night battery saving practice, the Droid X stops doing not-so-urgent stuff like checking for updates once the sun goes down. As a result, far fewer people got the update than what was intended. Oops!

Today, Motorola’s trying again — but this time, it’s a free-for-all. (Oh, and heads-up: the update installs crap that you can’t uninstall.)

No stealthy late night pushes; no hoping that you’re in the limited sample group. Just pop into Settings > About Phone > System, then tap the update button.

The update (which, by the way, is version 2.2.1), packs a few little gems. You’ll get beefed up stability throughout the OS, a new Data Widget for your homescreen, improved ActiveSync and Visual Voice Mail support (mainly bug fixes for both), and Adobe Flash comes auto-installed.

Alas, you’ll also get some crap that can’t be uninstalled without rooting. Oh, you don’t want a demo copy of Madden NFL? Best get to hackin’, friend!