Video: Mini Humanoid "KHR-3HV Black"

Japanese robot maker Kondo today announced [JP] a new mini humanoid, the so-called “KHR-3HV Black”. As the name suggests, this limited edition robot comes in black, which is a very good choice, given how cool the little guy looks.

The KHR-3HV Black stands about 40cm tall and weighs around 1.5kg. It comes with a USB port, 17 joints and a 10.8V-800mAh nickel battery.

The humanoid is Japan only and limited to just 100 units, which is why you should contact specialized dealers like the Robot Shop or Robosavvy quickly to get one for you. In Japan, Kondo plans to start selling the KHR-3HV Black on December 16 (price: $1,380 plus tax).

Here’s a promo video:

Via Robots Dreams