Video: Toshiba's "Hands On" Naked-Eye 3D Display

Toshiba caused quite a splash in October, when the company unveiled the world’s first naked-eye 3D TV. But the company is working on other 3D solutions, too: it recently showcased a prototype of a mobile display that users can tilt to view objects in 3D and from different angles – without having to wear glasses.

In other words, the so-called “Hands On 3D Display” makes it possible to look at objects in 3D from the sides and back. Toshiba assumes that when users start tilting the display, their heads will move perpendicular to it. As a result, the narrow viewing angle naked-eye 3D displays today have is “virtually” extended from about 30 to up to 90 degrees (thanks to the built-in six-axis gyro sensor).

Toshiba expects that in the future, the display could be used in education or online shopping, for example when the buyer wants to view a product from different angles (and in 3D) before making a purchase.

This video (provided by Diginfonews in Tokyo) shows the Hands On 3D Display prototype in action: