Roku Adds 1080p Streaming To The XR In Firmware Update

Roku has released firmware update 2.9 which includes 1080p support in their XR devices. There are a few other bug fixes in the release including Hulu optimization for all devices.

You can download it manually (“To do so please select “Settings” option from the homepage, then navigate to “Player Info” and finally choose “Check For Updates”. Your box will then prompt you with the latest version install. “) or let your box grab it automatically next time you turn it on.

– Enabled 1080P support for XR units.
– Hulu application optimizations for quicker trick play navigation and start of playback.
– Hulu application optimization for improved playback performance on networks with higher latencies.
– Fixed a bug that could result in a crash if an app tried to load an image that was too large (greater than 1280×720).
– Fixed playback of poorly interleaved video streams which resulted in rebuffers around the 25 minute mark in Roku Newscaster programs.
– Fixed a remaining case of playback at the incorrect aspect ratio.
– Changed option menu action name from “change order” to “change position” for re-arranging channels.
– Fixed a bug in channel re-ordering related to presence of screen savers.
– Modified channel store “go to channel” behavior to launch the selected channel instead of only focusing the icon on the Home screen.
– Added screensaver preview and set options to the channel store springboard.
– Fixed a subtle audio playback issue in UFC streaming.

via Roku Forums