sWaP Rebel: A Watchphone Without A Cause

Not content with your iPod Nano watch? How about a real watch with a phone in it! And a color 176 x 132 touchscreen! And maybe the usability of a small stone strapped to your wrist! This wacky thing has it all: a 4-band GSM phone, a video/still image camera, and 2GB of storage.

These goofy phone watches have been around for years and this will probably be no better. However, it comes in multiple colors, which is nice, and actually looks like something you’d want to wear, albeit for a few hours and then you’ll just leave it on the dress after you come home from work after showing it off to the nerds you work with. That’s what I’d do, at least.

Screen 1.46” Touch Screen color 176 x 132 Pixels
Frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Music Supports Midi, WAV, AAC and MP3 format
Video Supports 3GP, MPEG-4 formats
Camera In-Built camera for still pictures and video recording

It’s apparently available now.

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