Mortal Kombat Brings It With The Kollector's Edition

Looking forward to the next version of Mortal Kombat? Well, some people must be because Game Stop just added information about the Tournament Edition of the classic fighting game.

Along with the game, GameStop announced (indirectly) that the Tournament Edition will include a customized MK Fight Stick, as well as classic character costumes and other download bonuses. The Fight Stick is the real winner here, with the buttons in that classic arcade layout for the true Mortal Kombat warrior. You’ll even have the ability to open the controller up to store the cable for it, along with the game and the severed fingers of your fallen enemies. Don’t expect to get this tasty package for free though, GameStop lists it at $149.99, and available for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Finish Him!

[via Kotaku]