A DIY Gorillapod Right In Time For Gift Giving

Many digital point-and-shoot users often overlook the need for a tripod. Often times Facebook photos are full of blurry pictures, and that’s just not professional. One of the most often used portable tripods is the Gorillapod. They’re great for fixing your camera in almost any position. But all that comes at a price.

For those do-it-yourselfers wanting to take advantage of the Gorillapod’s design without paying the price, it’s as easy as DIY, thanks to Instructable user Matth3w.   Using Loc-Line modular hose and some mahogany wood for the base, the project has relatively few parts.  Your basic woodworking tools are needed such as a saw, drill, and a grinder. You can even get creative by painting the wood whatever color you want.

This unassuming alternative to the Gorillapod will make a great gift for this holiday season. Check out the full post at Instructables.

[via unplggd]