Fubra invests in deal-a-day aggregator Buyometric, lends marketing muscle too

Fubra, the Aldershot, UK-based online media company behind PetrolPrices.com and a network of around 100 other sites, has invested in deal-a-day aggregator Buyometric. The actual amount isn’t being disclosed but is said to be a “5 figure seed investment”.

Perhaps equally significant, however, the deal involves a marketing and infrastructure tie-in that will see Fubra push Buyometric’s offering to its existing 3 million-strong subscriber base, with the company also taking over back end responsibilities to cope with the expected increase in server demand.

A quick re-cap of how Buyometric works: The deal-a-day or Groupon-clone aggregator sets out to solve the problem of in-box clutter by only pushing deals relevant to each user. It does this by scanning hundreds of daily deals and flash sales and automatically classifying them using a series of filters. Users personalise their Buyometric profile by selecting any number of keywords from a list of tags so that they only receive the deals that match. If no matching deals are found on a particular day, no email is sent.

Buyometric has also recently agreed terms to add deals offered by Glamoo.com to its service, which joins other big brands aggregated by the site such as Groupon and SecretSales.

That said, the sites that Buyometric aggregates aren’t all official partnerships, with the company keen to offer the widest choices to users, not based solely on official support, in order to achieve scale in the long run.