NEO-GEO PS3 Controller Appears To Complement Your NEO-GEO PS3 Games

If there’s one thing I hate (just one, you understand), it’s playing games with the wrong controller. Right now, as I’ve found occasion to mention today already, I’m playing Mega Man 9. It’s great (and hard as coffin nails), but I feel like a chump playing it with the 360 controller. It feels squishy and laggy. Similarly, if I were to play Samurai Shodown or Metal Slug on the PS3 (they’re coming out on the 21st), it would be weird to do so on a Dual Shock. Luckily, SNK has a solution.

Their NEO-GEO controller is slightly different than the original, which only had four buttons (I thought some of the arcade versions had six, but I could be mistaken), and of course the original ABCD layout has been replaced with the now-familiar Playstation icons.

It’s actually been available for a little while now, and you can find a brief review from an early importer over at I’m Next Online. Sounds like a pretty solid buy for fighter players who need more decisive access to the 8 semicardinal directions.

[via OhGizmo]