RED's Fixed-Lens Scarlet Tested On Camera For Kicks

Red Scarlet Fixed Lens Camera – First video of a working Scarlet ! from Tonaci Tran on Vimeo.

While at a 3D HD workshop in Santa Fe, young Tonaci Tran was lucky enough to have RED’s Jim Jannard drop by with a working fixed-lens Scarlet, AKA the Epic Light. Jim handed it over for his inspection, and the result is the video you see here. It looks extremely manageable; people are going to be dying to get their hands on these for hand-held and mobile camera work.

Tran reports on his Vimeo page:

Let me tell you folks, it is real and is working. The Scarlet I was holding had the 5inch lcd touchscreen. The lens gear ring which can be set to zoom, iris or focus is buttery smooth. QUALITY. The electronic zoom works like a charm. I used the up-down rocker on the camera to zoom in on a Jeep in the parking lot (though I was “Mr. Shakey” due to the sheer excitement of finally getting to hold the Red Scarlet.) Justin O’Neill and I got to see it for a mere brief moment and off it went back to the vault. This should be comforting to those who may fear that RED wouldn’t have time for the Scarlet with all the Epic buzz going on. This gives me more confidence that the Red Scarlet is definitely around the corner. I have been really lucky to have held both the Epic and Scarlet. The Scarlet is lighter in weight than the Epic even with the fixed lens. This is due to the Scarlet body being more narrow. The weight felt very good and the camera felt rugged. Touch screen controls were functional.

Sounds bomb to me. Of course, it’s way out of my price range, and even if it weren’t, I wouldn’t know quite what to do with it. I’m not a professional videographer, I’m just a guy. The T2i is more than sufficient for my purposes. Now if I could only afford one of those

[via Electronista]