Seven Tasteful Gifts For Kindle Owners And/Or Lovers

Kindles are fantastic devices, but they can’t live alone. They need cases, lights, and other  items to complete the experience. We’ve rounded up seven of the best around items that are must-have accessories and could be the perfect gift for the Kindle lover in your life. Best of all, they’re not all that expensive and if you act quick, Amazon should be able to get most of them to you before the holidays. If not, most are found within the walls of retail stores like Best Buy and Target anyway.

If nothing else, give the gift of a Kindle ebook. Even a $10 gift card is better than nothing. This of course applies to Nook owners as well. Just find out the make of the e-reader and seek out the relevant gift card for a great stocking stuffer. But for everything else, click through for seven amazing gifts perfect the Kindle owner in your life.


There isn’t a sexier Kindle (or iPad) case on the planet than the Dodocase. They’re handmade in San Francisco, somewhat affordable, and are dripping with timeless charm. The company just announced the Kindle 3 edition, which is available in red for $49.99 or pink, green, blue, purple and charcoal for $54.99.

Amazon lighted case

Much to the surprise of many buyers, the Kindle is not backlit. You have to provide your own lighting just like a normal book. This of course means there are a zillion and a half different Kindle lights available, but the official Amazon lighted case is about the best two-in-one solution. It’s nearly a bargain at $59.99 when you consider most quality cases are nearly that anyway and this one includes a low-profile light.


Kindles have a sort of anti-style with their low-profile, minimalistic design. But some people like to personally their wares. Most run around $20 and cover the front and the back of the Kindle allowing even those Kindles housed in a case to get in on the fun.

Marware case

Yeah, it’s another case, but this one is a tad different. The front flap of the Marware Eco-Flip  Kindle Case flip over top and there’s a little place to slip your hand through that makes holding the Kindle a non-affair. There’s even a little pocket to store business cards or whatever. Not a bad option for $29.99.

Moleskin DX case

Moleskin notebooks are classics. Now you can get the same look for the Kindle. The DX version brings a notepad on the opposing flap from the Kindle. Perfect for notes and or doodles.

Newspaper subscription

Part of the fun of a Kindle is that it can wirelessly and magically get newspapers and magazines. Why not give the gift of the New York Times on the Kindle this year? Or the WSJ. Or USA Today. Those and a bunch others are available.

Kate Spade case

Many upscale brands latched on to the Kindle early on. Kate Spade is one and has constantly outed unique cases and accessories for the e-reader. The cases are pricey, but they’ll also constructed with the same care and quality found in other Kate Spade products. The unique style also helps justify their additional cost.