Court: PS3 Jailbreaking Now Legal In Spain

Well look at that: it’s now legal to sell, advertise, and own any sort of PS3 Jailbreaking product in mighty Spain, the current European and world champions. A court in Barcelona made the decision, and it has much to do with Sony’s decision to eliminate the “Other OS” option of early PS3 firmwares, which allowed people to install Linux.

This is only the second most talked about story in Spain today, the most talked about story being that Cristiano Ronaldo apparently hates Iker Casillas. Team spirit, etc.

Worse for Sony is that it now has to pay all the associated legal costs of the retailers it targeted for selling Jailbreak devices up until this ruling. Terribly constructed sentence, yes, but the point is that Sony now has to pay other folks’ legal bills. That’s not fun.

Please note that the decision can be appealed, and Sony has two days left in which to appeal the decision. After that, Sony’s out of luck.

Of course, PS3 Jailbreaking products are ostensibly sold to give people the ability to back up their legally purchased software, but we all know what it’s really used for.

(I don’t know why that font’s “K” is so weird in the picture. Beats me, folks. It’s called Phatboy Slim, by the way.)