EV-neo: Honda's Electric Scooter Goes On Sale (In Japan)

Honda Japan today said [press release in English] that it will start lease sales of its new electric motorcycle, the so-called EV-neo on December 24. The 50cc scooters are primarily aimed at delivery services or individual businesses, 100 of which will have the chance to test the vehicle until March 2011. General sales will then start in April next year.

Once charged (which takes 30 minutes with a quick charger), the EV-neo’s electric motor allows for a travel range of about 34km – provided you constantly drive at 30km/h. The scooter is powered by a 72V/12.6Ah lithium ion battery and can be loaded with up to 30 kg of cargo.

Honda says that prices for the EV-neo start at $5,100 (for the most basic model). A quick charger will cost another $1,430. The PRO version you see above (on the right) offers a bracket in the front for a basket and a rear carrier.

At a press conference today in Tokyo, Honda president Ito also mentioned that his company is thinking about rolling out the “green” scooter in markets outside Japan, too.