Metal Gear Solid 4 On Xbox 360? What In The Nine Hecks Is Olivia Munn Talking About?

Headline swerve! Can we all cut Olivia Munn a little slack? Yes, it would appear that she misspoke at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, saying that she had been playing Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360, but it’s not like the show was any good to begin with. It was, from top to bottom, pointless.

If your name is Jeff Green, and I’d go so far as to say that Today We Are All Jeff Green, then the show was “an embarrassment and an insult to the industry it is supposedly saluting.”

Yes, it was. It was juvenile rubbish, and I 100 percent was embarrassed to be associated with gaming—and that’s just based on the 10 minutes or so I watched.

Again, a pointless awards show with go-away heat from the word go. The less attention paid to it, the better.