New Laptop Bags From Booq Are Slick, Nylon-y

When I think of Booq, I tend to think of their roomy, semi-rigid backpacks, but this handsome messenger bag might change the way I think of them. It’s in the same style as the other high-end gear they put out in September, but this bag is roomier and a bit more briefcase-like. I like it. It’s even got a removable sleeve for your laptop (up to ~15″ screen)

There’s also a hardshell briefcase-style case for MacBook Pros, and people who like that sort of thing will find it the sort of thing they like. It’s hard, it holds your computer, it zips up. What more do you need to know? Oh, the price.

Yeah, they’re kind of expensive. $195 for the Cobra Courier M shoulder bag, and $125 for the Cobra Hardcase M. See, you start getting into the two hundred dollar range and I start thinking of stuff like the waxwear Union from ONA. Totally different style, yes, but similar in that it’s expensive.

The bags are available now, and hopefully we’ll get our hands on them soon and let you know whether they’re worth your scrilla.