Newly-Announced Playstation App For iOS And Android Is Slightly Exciting

When I started reading the headline over at the EU Playstation Blog, I thought “This is it! They’re announcing all that new stuff we’ve heard about! The Playstation phone cometh!”

As it turns out, it’s more like just a gateway to the current Playstation and PSN community. You can check your trophies, look up games, and so on, but it’s nothing to do with the Zeus or the upcoming gaming handset from Sony-Ericsson.

Unfortunately it’s EU only for now, and also unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be that much functionality going on in there. Good for keeping up with Playstation-related news, and you can check your friends’ status, but that’s pretty much it. They’ll probably be adding stuff to it over the next year, though, as their mobile gaming platform expands.

The app is only for iPhone (iPad version coming later) and Android, and will not be coming out on Blackberry or Windows Phone 7. Version 1.1 will bring support to more countries, and it should be out in January.