Nexus S Gets Torn Down… Like A Boss

It’s that time again… and iFixit is sending another gadget to the big parts bin in the sky. This time around it’s the much-hyped Nexus S. But isn’t it basically just a Galaxy S with a few modifications? Let’s take a look.

The biggest feature that differentiates the Nexus S is probably the screen. But it’s pretty much the same screen as a Galaxy S, except the “Contour” display has a curved glass surface (as you can see below). The display itself is flat, but still fused to the glass, so if you crack it you’ll have to replace the whole thing.

The motherboard is different from the Galaxy, probably to accommodate the increased storage chips and possibly some extra stuff relating to the NFC capabilities. The Galaxy’s is stuffed up at the top of the phone, while the Nexus’s sort of hugs the battery, which appears to be more or less the same one, at 1500mAh.

Otherwise it’s mostly the same components, same suppliers.

The teardown actually looked pretty simple, and they rate it 7/10 for repairability. I don’t think you’ll be soldering any extra memory onto this thing, but if the camera goes on the fritz, it won’t cost you a hundy to replace.