Surprise, Apple's Premium Rechargeable Batteries Give Little Bang For The Buck

We’ll file this one in the Duh drawer of the Department of Obvious Things. It turns out that Apple’s self-branded batteries, which are of course just Sanyo Eneloops with a candy shell, are no better than their brethren, and basically just way too expensive. I could have told you that. But testing things is fun!

Crave decided to do some admirably unscientific, but probably accurate, tests on a couple batteries. He found that the Apple batteries powered a flashlight for slightly longer than Duracells, but cost three times more. Energizers beat ’em both. Keep that in mind when you’re getting batteries for your point and shoot or flashlight this season. If all you care about is price, get you to a Costco or outlet store and get a hundred-pack.