TabGrip, An Unusual iPad "Case"

While this thing looks for all the world like a late night infomercial product, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. After all, gripping the iPad isn’t the most natural thing in the world. Resting it on your lap or a table, sure, but holding it up? Forget about it. These meaty grippers might just might make toting your iPad around palatable.

Of course, they’re nowhere as slick as the iPad cases I just rounded up, but hey. The TabGrip exists for a different reason. To make that sucker grippable. Plus: fold-out legs. Always good to have.

At $50, it’s about what the other cases cost. It’s not quite as protective or stylish as they are, but to be honest I can see this thing being pretty useful for the around-the-house iPad.