Technicolor TVA200 Media Tablet Glides Into The FCC

The FCC is magical place where gadgets randomly appear. Like this Technicolor TVA200 Media Touch 2.0. The FCC docs include internal and external photos along with a user manual. But even those don’t tell the whole story. What the hell is it?

At first glance you would assume that it’s an Android tablet, but Google and Android are not listed in the registered trademark section. Curious. But then you dive into the user manual and most of the instructions — along with the buttons on the front of the unit — seem to relate to Android. Still, there’s nothing in the documents that come out and say what OS is powering the TVA200.

No matter, whatever it is, the specs are mighty fine with a Freescale ARM Cortex A8 CPU running at 800MHz, front facing camera, 2 USB ports, an SD card reader, 3450mAh Li-ion battery, and a 7-inch 800×480 touchscreen of unknown pedigree. The swanky charging dock doesn’t bring any additional ports or functions, but it’s charging function is reason enough to justify its existence. There’s no mention of a target release date or demographic, but chances are Technicolor will official unveil the tablet at CES and fill in all the deets.