Videos: Fujisoft's PALRO Humanoid Has A Memory

We’ve covered Fujisoft‘s mini humanoid PALRO twice this year already, but the Tokyo-based company keeps updating the little guy. It now not only walks, dances, looks, “listens”, and “speaks” but also “remembers” objects and places it has previously been to. PALRO stands at 40cm, weighs 1.6kg and is equipped with 20 joints, 5 mics, a 3MP camera, and Wi-Fi.

In the video below, PALRO says that this is the spot he usually dances at and asks if he should start again. The human tells him to do so and he begins.

PALRO also remembers objects. In the video embedded below, you can hear the human saying “Let’s play with this ball.” PALRO looks at it and exclaims “This is the pink ball I like so much!”, “remembering” a past experience.

PALRO currently retails (in Japan) for $3,570.