9 Spectacular Tron Gifts For You And Yours

Tron is here and it’s hard not to get excited about the sequel to one of the movies that defined the genre early on. Good thing Disney knows how to muck up a brand with merchandising and loose licensing agreements so there’s a world of Tron gear out there, just waiting for your credit card. So click through, fellow Tron-ite. There’s something here for nearly everyone including computer accessories, wearables, and so much more. Make the Tron Guy proud.

Oakley Tron 3D glasses

You’re not going to use those disposable 3D glasses they hand out at the theater, right? *shudder* You must get the official Tron 3D glasses from Oakley. Sure, they’ll sent you back a $150, but you’ll be the envy of everyone else at the premier.

Tron Xbox 360 Controller

There’s a good chance you already missed out on this one. Sorry, our fault. The limited edition run only included 250 units, but maybe you can snag one on Ebay even though it will likely cost you a pretty premium over the $49.99 MSRP.

Razer Tron mouse and keyboard

This Razer mouse and keyboard takes backlighting to a whole new level — a virtual level. But the $150 keyboard and $100 mouse will make you feel like you’re fighting Clu alongside Sam.

Monster Tron headphones

The Daft Punk Tron soundtrack is epic. It’s probably sounds even better on these Tron-inspired, Monster Cable-built headphones. $350.

Tron T-Shirt

Come on now. This T-shirt, and its many clones, finally deserves your cash. It’s only right now that the sequel is here.

Adidas Tron shoes

Disclaimer: These shoes do not glow by themselves. The Adidas stripes are actually made out of super-reflective material that simulates the iconic Tron glow. Still awesome though.

A real Tron Light Cycle

Just in case you’ve been laying awake at night, pondering what you should do with the $35,000 your Aunt Milly left you, let me direct your attention to this Tron light cycle. Not interested? Alright, how about a nice contribution to my kids’ college fund then?

Air Hog RDC Tron Light Cycle

The Tron Light Cycle above just a little too rich for you? How about an Air Hog, wall climbing version instead? It only costs $35 at Radio Shack.

Tron Notebook Skin

There are a bunch to choose from here, but let me suggest the light disc one. It just looks spectacular without being a gigantic ad for the film.