Ritmo Tummyphones Let You Play Music And Messages For Baby

Yes, it’s true, there are solutions like this on the market. But in browsing around, I found they all looked kind of cheap. This sweet four-speaker setup from Ritmo looks like the definitive choice for womb-bound audiophiles.

Who knows whether there are really any benefits to playing music to your baby, but they point out that it’s also a great way for an absent parent to get their voice into that baby’s little brain. Dad’s in Iraq? Have him record a message, email it over, or use the service Ritmo has in place, and boom, it’s like he’s right there.

The setup does not include an mp3 player, so you’ll need to plug in your iPod or whatever. At $130, it’s more expensive than the other womb audio solutions out there, but I like its style. And I’m not even pregnant!