The Porsche Design Bobsled Is Here, Hope You Brought Your Credit Card

This isn’t Porsche Design’s entrance into the world of sleds. That happened back in 2008 with the $480 aluminum sled that loosk more like something that a crafty dad would make than something from one of the top design firms ever. This time Porsche Design cut the price, and by the look of it, increased both the function and ergonomics. And yes, we’re talking about a sled here: The Porsche Design Bobsled.

Looks a tad familiar, right? Well, the plastic sled design took cues from downhill skies. The runners even have a slight bend for increased steerability. The seat features a concave design with conveniently-placed handles.

Is this sled faster and “more efficient” than the standard Toys-R-Us special? Probably. But the more important question is will this sled provide $225 worth of entertainment when a $25 sled accomplishes the same task of going down a snow-covered hill? Probably not. [Autoblog]