Toyota's Electric RAV4 Expected To Bring $60 Million To Tesla

While Tesla is still working on making itself profitable, it has to do what it can to pay the bills. I mean sure, they’ve got investments from big auto and power companies, but that money disappears pretty quick when you’re losing $50m per year just to stay in business. But the fact is they’re here to stay, and they’ve got a good product. Toyota knows that, which is why they’ve gotten into bed with Tesla to make the all-electric RAV4 we’ve been hearing about.

And this savvy maneuvering by Tesla, according to the Wall Street Journal, should earn the company something in the area of $60m.

It’s hard to say how much of their half-billion in funding they’ve spent, but if they’re sourcing out their tech, it probably indicates it’s going to be a close call, though they do expect profitability once they release the more marketable Model S.

In the meantime, deals like this should keep gas in the tank. Uh… just pretend I didn’t say that.