Windows Phone 7 ROMs Extracted And Swapped For The First Time

Hey, Windows Phone 7 users! Dying to load your handset up with all sorts of crazy, customized ROMs like your Android-carrying brothers-from-another-mother? Well, you still can’t — but today, the hacking community got one giant step closer!

You see, Windows Phone 7 handsets are pretty protective of their innards. If you start tinkering with the works, the Windows Genuine Advantage (or WGA) security fires off and the handset goes into lockdown.

As always, in comes the community over at XDA-dev to save the day. Hacker has figured out a way to pull the “imgfs.bin” file (which contains most of the system files, but none of the radio/frequency/baseband stuff that you probably don’t want to change) from one handset and load it onto another, without WGA sounding the alarm.

So, what does this mean for you? Right this second, not a ton. It may very well be the first stepping stone to customized ROMs. More immediately, however, it looks like WP7 handsets can be flashed with ROMs from other carriers without totally borking the important bits — that’s good news for you if you managed to pick the one carrier that chose to load the handset up with a bunch of crap.

[Hat tip to PocketNow for spotting this one first]

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