A Little Bling For Your Holiday: Hands On With Ulysee Nardin's $1.1 Million Watch


Only a few more days ’til Christmas and time’s running out! This year, instead of mucking about with a pasta maker or a handsome bathrobe, why not tell the one you love how you really feel – with a violently expensive diamond-studded watch. This $1.1 million timepiece is covered in pave diamonds and sapphires and the entire torubillon movement is suspended on a plate of pure sapphire. While you and I can laugh at the price tag, the fact that they were able to drill and attach all of the moving parts to a sheet of gemstone is pretty darn impressive, at least from a technical perspective.

Presumably those in the market for this handsome and stylish timepiece aren’t thinking about cost but, if I may be so bold, I’d recommend that you also hire full-time security for the SO who will be receiving this item this year. Perhaps you can slash a bit of the caviar budget and let the cats go a bit hungry this year.

Our buddy Ariel has a bit more on the piece. The entire mechanism rotates when winding and unwinding and there are blue sapphire crystals and blue screws holding the whole mess together. There is a reduced, or skeletonized, spring barrel that acts as a power reserve indicator.

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