Beta Shell Lens Cases Will Protect Your Precious Glass From Bear Attacks

If you think bear attacks aren’t a major cause of scratched or otherwise damaged lenses, you’re obviously not serious enough a photographer to require the Beta Shell lens cases. These are for the photographer who does a lot of interplanetary travel, or likes to pepper his luggage with buckshot. What, you don’t believe we do it? BLAM! Get outta here or the next one’s in your tuchus!

Uhh, to return to the cases. They’re made of super-rigid plastic, and the screw-down top forms a waterproof seal. No, not the animal. Besides, all seals are waterproof. The animals, I mean. Anyway. Inside the case is some nice foam, which I’m sure is very fancy. Visco-elastic foam, they call it. Well, all foam like that is visco-elastic, that’s why we call it foam. You put your lens in there and it holds it with its little foam grippers, and it’s as safe as safe can be.


You can get different sizes for different lenses here. Most of the popular lenses from Canon and Nikon have cans, and Pentax and Sony and such lenses will almost certainly fit in as well, but no guarantees.

[via Gizmodo]