Dutch Art Project Helps Prepare For Zombie Attack

Not quite sure where to go when the zombies attack? Dutch designer Joep van Lieshout has just the thing for you: the Vostok Cabin. Built out of welded together plates from dead ships, what the Vostok Cabin lacks in comfort, it makes up for it security.

The cabin is somewhat portable (however I suspect you might need a crane to move it), but is quite minimalist. The only creature comforts you get are a stove, toilet, lights, and a couple of benches to sit on. No doubt you’d want to stock your Vostok Cabin with food and other items, but the designer has gone as basic as possible for the art show. If fact, if you want to see the future of zombie defense, it’s on display in Paris, at the Cite de la Science. Maybe we’ll see one of these show up in the Walking Dead.

[via Gadget Lab]