GM To Continue Electrification With A New Cadillac?

Last year at the NAIAS in Detroit, Cadillac introduced the Converj concept, a vehicle based on the Chevrolet Volt. Most of it’s electronics were shared from the Volt, including GM’s new Voltec power system.  While it was definitely a cool looking car and was much talked about at the auto show, nothing came of it—most concept cars rarely make it further then the tenure of a GM CEO.

GM’s new CEO Dan Akerson, was in Detroit last Thursday where we heard him say that GM will be offering different versions of the Volt, not specifically a Chevy nor a car. Now the speculation is just what will be coming out. Andrew Farah, the Volt’s chief engineer, has recently stated he has been picked as chief engineer for GM’s next electric vehicle. Just what exactly, we don’t know.

Most rumors are pointing towards a plug-in electric Cadillac crossover based on the SRX. Similar to the research already done on the Saturn Vue, the same two-mode plug-in drivetrain will be used, according to anonymous GM sources. Also, a similar non-plugin two-mode hybrid version of the SRX is known to be undergoing testing.

This comes a time where electrification is becoming more accepted in the automakers plans for the future. Akerson is known as being a big proponent for vehicle electrification and was noted that GM is researching ways to double and triple production.

As the Volt has recently rolled off the line into showrooms, many will watch and see just how much consumers are into the whole electric thing. Our guess is that yes, now is the time. One thing is for certain; we simply cannot continue to use limited fossil fuels for energy. These steps the automakers are taking help provide a transition to renewable energy, ensuring a cleaner future.

[via GM-Volt]