Motorola Teases With The New "Buzz" Tablet

CES 2011 is just around the corner and in a rare bit of intelligent marketing Motorola is showing off what appears to be a new tablet, probably called something like “Buzz,” judging by the clever bee flitting around at the end.

We knew a bit about the new tablet last summer, noting it would probably end up on Verizon and have something to do with FiOS. I suspect we’ll see something with the Droid branding here with an expected launch date of Spring 2011. Could this be part of Verizon’s big launch event at CES on Jan 6?

As for size, expect something in the 10-inch range.

There’s also talk that the bee signifies the Honeycomb version of Android, but it would be just like Verizon to name their tablet something like the BUZZ X or something equally goofy.