The Steam Holiday Sale Has Begun!

Not to alarm you all, but Steam has just started its annual Holiday sale. There’s a new user interface going on and I have no idea how to navigate it. Exciting!

Wait, I figured it out—it’s like a book. I get it!

The sale goes on from December 20 (also known as “today”) until January 2.

Highlights today include the Oddbox (every single Oddworld game) for $12.49, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $6.79, and F1 2010 for $19.99.

And then there’s the publisher packs. You can grab every single Valve game ever for $24.99, every Rockstar game for $39.99, and a Bethesda pack that includes Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, The Elder Scrolls III and IV, Rogue Warrior, and Call of Cthulu for $69.99 in total.

Let’s not forget that Good Old Games is also in the midst of its holiday sale, so there’s no better time to build up your collection than right now.