12 Days Of Christmas: OnLive Giveaway

Been looking onto this whole OnLive gaming thing with a bit of curiosity? Well then, let the us here at CrunchGear play the part of Santa and put one under your Christmas tree this year. We’re giving away three OnLive gaming systems today and just like our other contests, a simple comment is all it takes to enter. Oh and we’ll take peanut butter chocolate chunk for the customary Santa Clause offering. Click through for the rules and instructions.

All you need to do is leave a comment below describing your most memorable holiday gaming gift. For example:

I remember the year I got my NES. Of course my lame Dad made me work for it and hid the gaming system at the end of a scavenger hunt. But it was so worth it. I got the PowerPad, R.O.B, a ton of games including the original Final Fantisy complete with strategy guide, and a beige plastic organizational tray. Awesome. It didn’t even bother me that my parents bought everything used.

Three winners will be chosen randomly and awarded the following prize:

One OnLive Gaming system

Official rules:

  • One comment per person and yes, we can check these things
  • Entries must be in by December 21th, 11:59pm PST
  • The winner will be chosen randomly
  • Use a valid email address as that’s how we’ll notify the winner
  • US shipping addresses only

Be sure to use your real e-mail address! It will not be shared with anyone, period. It’s just for this contest. Keep your eyes out for more giveaways over the next week and don’t forget about our big Santa item: a gaming rig valued at nearly $2,300. This contest runs through Christmas Eve!