January 11: DC Universe Online Open For Business

DC Universe Online now has a proper release date: January 11. That’s for both the PC and PS3 version, mind you. The MMO, which is based on the DC Comics universe, had for some time been marred by delays and whatnot, but all is forgiven. Come January 11, you’ll be fighting alongside the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman, trying to take down that jerk Brainiac.

IGN scored an interview with Sony Online Entertainment that sheds more light on the game.

It’ll cost $15 per month to play, or you can opt for a lifetime subscription for $199. The game itself will be $49 for the PC version, $59 for the PS3.

That means if you play the game for just over a year you’ll have gotten one over on the folks paying by the month.

Players who have been involved in the beta will have to start over when the game officially goes live. So if you had just-the-perfect name for your hero (or villain) you’d better log on right-quick once the servers go live.