Netgear's New Push 2 TV Wireless Display Extender Peeped By The FCC

Well well, what have we here? An unreleased product from Netgear that lets you wirelessly push your computer’s display signal to an HDTV? Yes, I believe that’s it. This little guy just showed up at the FCC, manual and all, and I’m guessing they’re going to be showing it off at CES. It’s a little wireless adapter that uses Intel Wireless Display to make extending your desktop to your flat screen super easy. Update: Oh yeah, there’s one like this already. But THIS one does 1080p, as it notes in the manual.

It’s called Push 2 TV, and it looks to be a dead-simple way to make your vanilla PC a home theater PC. We’ve seen a big rise in streaming set-top boxes, but depending on the pricing, this could be an attractive option as well. You know, this would be really nice with an air mouse — browsing a gigantic internet while waving your hand around like a fool.

The device itself will sit by your TV and output through either HDMI or RCA. You set it up on your laptop once and then you should be able to turn it on and off with a click. There are some solutions like this out there, but display switching has always been a pain and hopefully this will make it easier.

Is it a better idea than a Roku or Apple TV? Depends on the price and what you want to do. Much of what you can do on one of those devices, you can do on your laptop with a little know-how, plus playing local media is a snap. We’ll find out more at CES, I’m sure, and give you a hands-on there.